Hanover Heating

Solar Hot Water

The sun heats up the solar panel's collectors (1). The heat energy is transferred to the solar glycol fluid inside the collectors. When the panel temperature rises sufficiently, a circulating pump (2) moves the fluid through the hot water cylinder (3). A heat exchanger coil inside the solar cylinder heats the stored water.
4 - 6 sq.m of solar collector surface will typically cover 60% of the hot water demand of an average family. With larger panel areas (>10sq.m) any surplus heat generated can be fed into the central heating system to reduce your gas bills even further.

Your solar panel's surface area should be calculated as exactly as possible in order to benefit from maximum energy efficiency.

As a rough guide a daily demand of 40 litres per person corresponds to a solar panel area requirement of approx. 1.2 sq.m, so for a family of 4 you would be looking at approx. 4.8 sq.m.


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